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About Waldick Jansen van Rensburg Law Firm (WJVR)

As from 1 May 2015, Weyer Waldick & Willemse Attorneys (previously Weyer & Weyer) and Jansen van Rensburg Attorneys Incorporated merged to become Waldick Jansen van Rensburg Incorporated.

Both firms boasted with:

  • Attracting the highest quality lawyers,
  • A superior quality in their work product,
  • The exceptional quality of their advice and strategy, and
  • The sterling quality of their service and experience.

We are proud to say that the merger between to strong law practices has provided an even more comprehensive infrastructure, resulting in faster response times to our clients. Both firms held similar values and philosophies on doing business. The merger thus simply served to solidify and enhance the existing beliefs and ideas of:

  • Producing excellent work for the client,
  • An emphasis on honesty and integrity, and
  • The importance of bringing a positive attitude to work.

WJvR law firm’s staff comprises of 8 attorneys, 6 candidate attorneys and 23 support staff. For your convenience, they have offices in Centurion, Randburg and Lichtenburg.

Company Overview
Business Philosophu

What is WJvR’s Business Philosophy?

The Waldick Jansen van Rensburg Law Firm has a philosophy that has stood us in good stead, and that we proudly adhere to. We believe that:

  • Without a precise understanding of a client’s needs, no law firm can exceed a client’s expectations. Our first priority is to listen to our clients to ensure complete understanding of the complexity of their legal issues and business goals.
  • By focusing our advice and counsel on specific needs, we can offer solutions that make business sense. Our expertise lies in recognizing the intricacies of our clients’ legal and business issues.
  • This ensures each client receives legal advice and counsel specific to each one's needs. We focus on individual circumstances, culture and business objectives. The result is a uniquely tailored and comprehensive array of options for resolving any business or legal problem.

What Can You Expect at WJvR?

At this prestigious law firm, you can expect:

  • A dedicated team of professionals who understands that your needs are unique.
  • A client-focused culture where your needs – not our convenience – come first.
  • A smart, cost-effective fee arrangement that makes good business sense.
  • Professionals who have the experience and expertise to win, but the common sense to know that clients want smart solutions at a cost they can live with.
At WJVR you can expect
Our Vision

What Is the WJvR Vision?

We are committed to client care, partner accessibility and service excellence. We strive to provide a professional as well as ethical service, both reliable and affordable to our valued clients.

Meet The Team

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