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Family Law

As experienced Family Law Attorneys in Centurion, our team regularly helps people and families who need legal guidance in terms of maintenance and divorce.


Maintenance is the obligation to provide another person, for example a minor, with housing, food, clothing, education and medical care, or with the means that are necessary for providing the person with these essentials. This legal duty to maintain is called ‘the duty to maintain’ or ‘the duty to support’.

The National Assembly has passed a new law that will see parents who default on child maintenance blacklisted and blocked from getting credit while owing outstanding maintenance.

If you are not married, or you are married but have not taken steps to file for divorce, you may approach the Maintenance Court for an order for maintenance for your children and/or for yourself. You will need to approach the court which is closest to where you live or work.


A divorce action is instituted by the issuing of a summons. You can divorce in either the Regional Court of the Magistrate Court that have jurisdiction in your area or in the High Court. To start the divorce process, you need to serve a Summons. A divorce summons is unique in that it must be served personally on the defendant by the sheriff of the court.

In South Africa, the marital regime of the parties determines how the assets will be divided upon dissolution of the marriage, the assets being those at the time of the divorce.

There are many aspects of Family Law. They include:

  • Maintenance,
  • Divorces,
  • Parental responsibilities and rights,
  • Foster Care,
  • Universal partnerships, etc.

At WJvR we will assist with all your needs in the family law. We have an expert team who is concerned with your best interests and well-being. We will do our best to understand and treat your matter with the utmost diligence and sensitivity as each case is different and we value all clients.

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