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High Court & Magistrate Court Litigation

From our offices in Centurion, we provide comprehensive civil litigation services in various litigation forums, including:

  • High Court Litigation, and
  • Magistrate Court Litigation services.

Our skills are far reaching and include experience in a variety of civil matters, to name but a few, such as:

  • Applications for rescission of judgment,
  • Commercial and residential evictions,
  • Third party claims,
  • Commercial litigation,
  • Insolvencies,
  • Sequestration,
  • Business rescue and rehabilitation, and
  • Applications and claims for damages.

We deal with both spheres of law pertaining to law suits based on the application procedure as well as law suits based on the action procedure, the latter, which primarily proceeds to trial should the settlement process not be forthcoming.

Our civil litigation department ensures that it assists and guides our clients through the entire civil litigation process which essentially entails pursuing the non-criminal route. Once all reasonable endeavours have been pursued and exhausted, and settlement negotiations no longer remain a viable option, we ensure that we speedily and effectively comply with all the necessary steps to bring the entire legal process to finality.

We assist our clients with the initiation of legal processes. Or, alternatively in the carrying forth of viable defences or oppositions depending on whether a High Court or Magistrate Court action or application process is followed. We ensure that we provide the utmost in the quality of service delivered in ensuring that our client’s claims, alternatively defences are upheld.

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